Atlantic Blanks | High quality EPS surfboards foam
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Located in the heart of the Spanish Basque Country, Atlantic Blanks produces high quality EPS Surfboard Blanks for the European market. Made using state-of-the-art CNC precision milling technology and high quality EPS foam, our blanks provide the perfect foundation for modern, epoxy-glassed surfboard construction.


As the surfboard industry continues to evolve in terms of construction, design and materials, EPS is rapidly becoming a viable alternative to polyurethane (PU) in the shaping bay. And while PU will always have its place, the simple fact is that EPS outperforms PU in many ways: it’s less toxic, easier to produce, 100% recyclable and provides the shaper with more freedom in terms of creating new designs and different types of construction. So while many shapers stick with PU because they’re used to working with it and believe it’s easier to shape, here at Atlantic Blanks we guarantee you’ll love working with our highly consistent EPS foam.


While some manufacturers create their blanks using injection molding, here at Atlantic Blanks we use 3D CNC milling. Both processes have their advantages – molds are more cost efficient for large scale production, while CNC suits smaller runs, allowing us to produce a greater variety of sizes and shapes. Is there a difference in strength? No. Despite what some manufacturers claim, there is no structural difference between molded and CNC milled foam.


Atlantic Blanks do not have a central wood stringer: with our blanks you are free to use a variety of options – stringer(s), stringerless, parabolic – to control the board’s torsion and flex response.


Surfboard manufacturing is a notoriously dirty industry and here at Atlantic Blanks we are committed to playing our part in cleaning it up. EPS foam production is significantly less toxic and lower impact than PU, and that’s just the start. EPS foam is 100% recyclable, meaning both factory offcuts and old boards can potentially be recycled or repurposed.


EPS foam has been used in surfboard manufacturing for a long time, and the quality keeps improving. At Atlantic Blanks we have worked closely with several different suppliers to offer a new benchmark in surf-specific EPS – our foam is highly consistent and very white in comparison to other EPS products on the market.


At Atlantic we produce blanks at two different density ratings: 32 kg/m3 and 25 kg/m3.

25 kg/m3

our lighter, lower density foam is recommended for longboards and SUPs, where it’s possible to glass them stronger and keep them light at the same time.

32 kg/m3

this is our higher density foam, suited to standard surfboards and high performance shortboards.

Catalog / CNC Service

Time spent mowing excessive quantities of foam means wasted time, money and resources – that’s why we produce a super wide range of blank templates. From 5’8 shortboards to XL SUP’s, we’ve got a blank to match your project, so you’ll get to spend more time shaping and less time sweeping. If you can’t find the right blank from our extensive selection, no worries – just let us know what you need and we’ll happily quote you for a custom one.

Shortboards / Regular boards 5’0 – 7’5
Minimal / Longboard 7’8 – 9’3
SUP 8’3 – 10’

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Atlantic Blanks is a joint venture between shapers and Omega Composites.


Please contact us at for more information.

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